Love Is A Choice

What is the book of Hosea about?

-Love and forgiveness

-Working through difficult relationships

-God working through his emotions

Hos 1: 2-11 Why does God have Hosea marry an unfaithful woman?

Why does God tell Hosea that his children are not his?

Hos 2: 14-23

Hos 3: 1-5 Love is a choice

God uses the prophets life to show what He has and will voluntarily put up with from those he has chosen to love.

Ro 5: 6-11 If God chose to love you while you were his enemy, is there any reason you can not choose to love your spouse?

Readings from "The Five Love Languages" pg.139/149 2nd from the last paragraph through end of chapter

-What is your love language?

-Does your spouse speak it well?

Why or why not?

History !!!

Readings from "The Five Love Languages" pg.133/143 1st paragraph

-Relationships do not have to be on the brink to begin changing

-Marriages lacking joy are due more to lack of loving effort or the wrong


-Feeling loved is the foundation and cornerstone of joy.